artist’s statement

I like listening to Vivaldi in the morning when I paint. Later on, maybe Joey De Francesco and Sarah Vaughan. Years ago in Florence, Italy, Everett Fahy taught me what to look for in Raphael and Caravaggio, Matt Kahn introduced me to charcoal, and Andy Horowitz inspired me with his courage. After our daughter’s death, painting took on a new urgency. I enjoyed calligraphy classes with master teachers Mike Gold, Massimo Polello, Denis Brown and Julie Wildman. Then took painting classes from Janhendrik Dolsma, Bobbi Baldwin, and Sherri Lovler, who introduced me to wabi-sabi. Seyburn Zorthian and Sophie Verbeek are contemporary inspirations. Painting is soul work: ever new, ever challenging, room for mistakes and forgiveness–essential work, work I would never do without my wife Marilyn’s creative encouragement and support.